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Myths about Katrina and New Orleans

>> Friday, August 31, 2007

Reason has put together a very well organized description of the problems facing New Orleans and the myths that the media gleefully repeat.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Read them all.


libhom 8:56 PM  

The blog postings you are referring to are an extreme example of the "strawman" argument. He distorts what people are saying, and then he argues against "myths" that only exist in his own blog.

Doug H 2:17 PM  

I take it from your post that you haven't actually read much about Katrina, watched any news coverage about Katrina or discussed it with anyone outside of your echo chamber.

Fact 1: By the time Katrina hit New Orleans is was a Category I or less. New Orleans had very minimal damage as a direct result of hurricane force winds, unlike Mississippi. The damage to NO was the result of the official, stylized and very ceremonial neglect of the levees protecting the city.

Fact 2: the Federal response to the hurricane was faster than the most. Just ask the Floridians who went through 3 hurricanes in one season. What hurt the effort to save lives and clean up was NO's culture of me-first and organized corruption.

Fact 3: most of the media's sensationalized coverage of Katrina's victims is, at best, inaccurate and much of it has been discredited.

Fact 4: rebuilding NO is not the federal government's job.

Now, if you would like to drag out any specific instances of the strawman you think Daniel Rothschild built, now is the the time to bring them to light.

Jill 4:29 PM  

Then you've got Brad Pitt's dumb-ass-quote-of-the-year: "Katrina was a man-made disaster." Isn't it interesting that he builds HIMSELF a million dollar home in New Orleans? He's such a bleeding heart he should have built 10 $100,000 homes.

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