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How Early?

>> Thursday, August 30, 2007

Brenna begins preschool next week. Two days a week, 2 1/2 hours each day. That's 5 hours of Mommy & Caelan time! Five hours of time to do shopping with only one "helper". Five hours of time to run other errands. Honestly, I don't know what we'll do with all that free time!

Brenna's school day will be beginning at 9am. Usually at 9am we are still in pajamas and Caelan is having a pre-nap yogurt. In an effort to be mobile and clothed by 9am I have begun gtting up at 6:30, walking for half an hour and cleaning and dressing before everyone else is awake.

Well, that was the plan. And it worked one day. My littlest munchkin loves a walk. And the last few days she has made it very obvious that she is awake- before I want to get up. So she has been bundled into her stroller and "walked" with me. Which is nice. She babbles and gurgles and points as we stroll. But then, when we get home, I have to take care of her; which completely ruins the rest of my "be presentable" plan. Bah!

Thankfully it's only two days a week. Maybe I can pull it off... I could certainly start getting up at 6am, but Caelan was awake at 5:43 this morning. And I really don't want to be up before that.


Marie 8:55 AM  

Oh, this sounds very familiar! Though it's my one and only child who gets up so darn early! I don't even bother with an alarm clock anymore. He's my alarm clock.

We have the same deal here with preschool -- 2 mornings/week for a total of 5 hours. Ours starts in late Sept though. I will have to use that as work-time sometimes, but I'm also fantasizing about going to the gym then!!

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