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If It Comes To It I Would...

>> Friday, August 17, 2007

I am very fortunate. Although I am not thin I am also not fat. I would probably be termed as overweight if you went by my weight alone, but I think my BMI is in the normal range. Maybe the high side of normal, but still normal. And, hopefully, with a continued active lifestyle I won't have a problem with my weight as I get older.

However, if I were to become obese I could certainly see myself looking into lap-band surgery. It is far less invasive than gastric bypass and doesn't involve cutting any organs or repositioning your intestines. It just seems safer...

If lap-band seems like an option for you JoyrneyLite has facilities in Los Angeles, Houston and Tampa. You could make a nice vacation out of it.


malkovich03 12:05 PM  

It is Los Angeles. Not Las.

Jody 1:34 PM  

Just goes to show that you can't always rely on spell checker!

Patients Guide to Lap-Band Surgery 3:25 AM  

Some say Lap Band is unsafe..But they're wrong.Proper knowledge about this surgery will lead you into positive result.

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