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Curb Appeal

>> Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our house has really nice curb appeal. The front of the house is nicely landscaped and I don't let it get weedy. The paint isn't chipping and the screens on our windows aren't full of holes. Well, no holes that shouldn't be there... They are screens, after all.

So, although it looks nice, I feel like it lacks whimsy. I'm not talking the fake deer in the yard or flamingos. I'm talking about tasteful lawn decorations.

I told you about this store a couple of months ago while planning my garden for next spring. In fact, my little gnome is on sale (hint, hint).

Actually lots of great stuff is on sale. lawn decorations for next year, for fall, for Halloween... Indoor decor (I really like this BABY picture frame)...

Didn't you see what I said? Let me say it again... SALE!!! GO!!!


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