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Go On, Add Some Spark To Your Life

>> Friday, August 31, 2007

Fall is in the air here in central Iowa. We took the girls for a bike ride last night and it was actually a bit chilly as we headed home. My morning walks require a jacket for me and a sweatshirt and socks for Caelan.

Soon it will be time to light the fireplace and drink cocoa.

What? You have no fireplace? Well, let me help you remedy that problem. Just visit DESAtech for vent free fireplaces; the look and heat of a wood burning fireplace without the mess. You can built you own fireplace from the inside out to make it match any room.

You know you’re imagining a warm fire and cuddling in front of it with the one you love.

Go on... See how easy an affordable it is to put a fireplace in your home. Add a little "spark" to your life.


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