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Zero Balance

>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So I went by the bank today to pay off the $0.04 balance on the loan. Usually I pay it online but because it was under $1 I couldn't do that. And I wasn't going to waste a check and stamp to mail it. The bank is local, so it wasn't a big deal to drive through and take care of it.

I put 4 pennies on the tube, along with the bill. The girl opened it and I immediately saw her begin searching the floor. She dropped 1/4 of my payment! Which isn't so funny until you realize that both she and the other girl at the drive up window searched almost five minutes to find that penny.

Seriously, I had more pennies. It would have been quicker.


Fantastagirl 5:28 PM  

That's funny...

Windjammer 9:53 PM  

too funny. Pennypinchers...

Marie 7:20 AM  

oh my...

Tamara 9:27 AM  

i wish i only had $0.04 on my car or house loan!!!

WILLIAM 12:37 PM  

But I am sure it would have angered you that you had to pay the extra penny just based on the fact that they sent the bill for the four cents in the first place.

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