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>> Monday, March 12, 2007

A while back I mentioned a few things I was going to try and I thought I would let anyone who actually cared know how they worked out.

About a month ago I bought a Zeno. The main reason for the purchase? I remembered how my skin reacted as Brenna dropped off her nursing. Never before in my life had I had zits like I had then. And nothing seemed to help. I'm talking about those nasty, cyst-like pimples that just get sore and red and don't ever seem to go away. So I spent the money and am thrilled to say that it works! I had two nasty spots try to surface and hit them with 3-4 Zeno treatments and the nastiness never surfaced or got sore. I am sold. Disclaimer: if you have very bad acne this probably won't work. Check out the website before you invest.

Also related to post-baby topics, I needed new jeans. I heard about Zafu and thought I would give it a shot. I input all my info and it returned a laundry list of jeans. I was able to narrow down the list by requesting only 100% cotton jeans with no spandex. I ordered the jeans that were deemed "best" (they were from Newport News and under $30!! A big plus!). I was actually prepared to be disappointed- I can never find jeans that I like. They arrived a week ago and I have to admit that the website works! A perfect fit!

I am still learning how to use my Wishblade but as I understand more I am thrilled with it. Yes, it's spendy (and I got mine almost $150 less than SRP) but I can already see the savings. If you want to see what it can do scroll down a couple of posts (or click here. It has a BIG learning curve and I feel like I'll never be able to use it to it's full potential but the things it can do are endless. Endless. It's an amazing machine.

Ah, I hear that Caelan is awake. For cute pics of her just go to the next post.


aka_Meritt 4:37 PM  

It's good to know you have positive reviews. :)

I actually have tucked a similar post away in my brain about some products I like too - but haven't yet had time to post. LOL. Will my life ever slow down?????????

Brent 8:43 PM  

I loved it when we had babies. It is such a ZEN experience. But now I'm glad to NOT have babies around. My youngest is 8, my oldest 14, and I adore babies from afar now.

Marie 3:12 PM  

My comment vanished! Hmmm.

Anyway, great photos!! And I will go to Zafu again...

Marie 3:34 PM  

OK, just did Zafu & ordered myself some jeans from Newport News too -- and they were on sale for $19! I never would have thought to try them.

thanks for the tip on Zafu!

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