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Sometimes She's Just So Cute

>> Saturday, March 10, 2007

And other times I think I may lose my mind.

Caelan has reverted to not sleeping through the night. I'm pretty sure she's hungry. And she's not wanting anything from a spoon or bottle. Cereal, which would fill her up, is flat out refused and veggies or fruit end up as much on her as in her. And let's not even delve in to the whole bottle issue.

Caelan does,however, enjoy a good cafe mocha ala Daddy. Doug would take a drink,leaving a bit in the lid of the cup and Caelan would slurp until it was gone. I think we may skip bottles altogether...

Who's the cutest little cuddly on the bed?
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Yep, sometimes she's just so cute...


aka_Meritt 5:40 PM  

That's my girl!!!! :)

Randi 8:31 AM  

This picture of the baby among all the stuffed animals is SO cute! She is a doll!

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