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I Wish, I Wish

>> Monday, March 05, 2007

Well, I got it. It took all my allowance, the money I made selling my Coach diaper bag on eBay and I still "owe" Doug, but I got it. The new Wishblade. It previewed on HSN last night and they had it on their website shortly after 9pm. I ordered it just as soon as it hit the web. I should have it before the week is out.

I gotta say that I am really excited. Yes, it was expensive but after doing the math of other cutting systems -which require you to purchase "plates" or additional software- this one, despite it's initially scary price tag, is actually more economical. Yes, really.
So now every time I think about how nice a trip somewhere would be I'll cut something. And every time I think a new top would be nice I'll cut something. And every time I think I should buy more diapers... Well, I'll buy more diapers. Some things are priority.
I figure it should have itself "paid" for in 6 months. D'ya hear that, honey- 6 months. smirk


Tamara 4:39 PM  

ooh, too cool. I could make good use of that!

Fantastagirl 8:06 PM  

You are going to have so much fun with that!

Doug Halsted 8:59 PM  

Hmmm, a 6 month interest only loan. Insert evil laugh here.

Jody 9:08 PM  

These nice people don't want to hear about your "interest", hon.

aka_Meritt 6:43 AM  

You have a scrapping addiction don't you?



Does it actually cut? Or just print..I am confused.

Jody 7:52 AM  

Meritt- I wouldn't call it an addiction, really. No, I wouldn't. I Do.Not. Have. A. Problem.

William- it cuts. You create on your computer screen and it cuts out what you create. Like a printer but with a blade.

It shipped this morning. Oh, joy!

Marie 9:10 AM  

So many people have scrapping fever. I just haven't caught it! My son will have the dullest albums ever (if I ever get around to putting the pics in a book!!). Good for ya... your girls will have cool books from you.

AnIowaMom 3:10 PM  

How exciting!!! You'll have to let us know how you like it.

I got the Cricut a couple of months ago, and I LOVE IT!! However, the cartridges are expensive and I only have 3 of them (so far).

Now, I really need to find more time to scrap and make cards!

Have fun!!!

The Kept Woman 1:14 PM  

OK...clearly I am the only person in the world that doesn't understand what this does...but it sound great!!!

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