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>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Honestly, I'm sure Meritt is awake and sending me vibes... Which would be fine if she lived next door and we had a kitchen-window-light-blinking-code or something. One blink- "yeah, I'm up", two- "c'mon over", three quick- "I'll bring the pastry". But, no, she's 30 minutes away and I'm only guessing.

Brenna woke shortly before 3- second night in a row- crying. Luckily I was able to settle her down quickly. Caelan woke briefly after that. Iwent back to bed and tossed and turned for half an hour or so. Damn. My brain turned on. I had a couple of things to add to my shopping list and I was sure to forget by morning.

So here I am. Grrrr...

Doug got a bill the other day for $0.04. Yep, 4 cents. The paper is worth more than the bill. It's from the bank for a loan payment. Four cents. And since the amount is less than a dollar I have to pay it in person. Four cents. I am really tempted to make them break a twenty dollar bill to pay it- giving them pennies just seems too easy.

Since my dad doesn't "do" the online thing I feel safe posting the card I made for him with my Wishblade. "No big deal", you say?

What is that saying about judging cards by their cover? Nifty little pop-up, huh?
No, it's nothing fancy but the machine not only made cuts - it scored the fold lines as well. I'm pretty pleased, I must say.

OK, it's 4:12am. Now that I have done what was on my mind, and some that really wasn't, I'm gonna try to go back to sleep.

TKW- I am waiting for the goodies to make the bathroom polka dots. As soon as I have it done I'll post photos.


VW 6:29 AM  

That is very awesome


Very cool card.

Christie 7:03 AM  

ooh that's an awesome card! :)

Marie 7:30 AM  


You have to pay in person? How much is it going to cost in time & gas to get there??

aka_Meritt 8:12 AM  

The blinking light idea is brilliant! But do you know how STRONG of a search light we are going to need to reach 25 minutes away????

Love the Card.

Sorry I'm sending the WAKE UP vibes to you and your girls. I was up at 3:34 am. I'll try to sleep harder tonight.

PS: I was supposed to get our 'dots' up on the wall at Christmas time but as you know I was making myself sick with stress from that awful place called "work" and just got them up this week. Photos are posted.

The bills? CRAZY but I know. We got a bill for $.12 once. I was pissed to spend the money for the stamp to mail it in, not to mention the check I had to write for twelve cents!

Ummm I think that is all. LOL.

Windjammer 8:15 AM  

Take a 50 to pay. That is a very neat card. I think it will be well appreciated. You know my birthday is coming up, do you think you can make a card with a pop-up cake and a pop-up girl to jump out of it?

The Kept Woman 8:45 AM  

I will try to be patient. :)

Also...that birthday card rocks! So much better than the store-bought crap.

AnIowaMom 11:44 AM  

Love the card! :)

Get some sleep!

Fantastagirl 8:43 PM  

Love the card - that is awesome!

Tamara 9:29 AM  

dangit, i like your toy! okay, if merritt lives a half hour from you, maybe I do too... unfortunately I know that my home in the sticks is farther than 30 minutes from any sizable town :)

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