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>> Thursday, March 15, 2007

The last few days have been a blur. Somehow Brenna picked up an intestinal ick and, ever so kindly, shared it with me. I haven't been able to eat since yesterday morning. I've been drinking a lot of tea. And whenever I do decide to put something in my mouth to keep up my strength I am rewarded by an immediate trip to the bathroom.

I fought the exhaustion and hunger to take Brenna to the gym this morning- she needed to expel some energy. I, brilliantly, thought a fruity frappaccino might help my weariness so we stopped quickly at Starbuck's on the way. Bad idea.

Brenna has been very helpful with Caelan today. I had put Caelan in bed and had gone to mine while Brenna was in her room having her "quiet time". I hear Caelan wake up and shortly after I heard Brenna's little voice in her room, singing her songs and talking to her until I came upstairs. Such a good big sister.

Now we are watching Brenna's current favorite movie, Aladdin and I am drinking more tea and nibbling on a Panera shortbread cookie- something Doug brought home last night to tempt me. I'm sure I'll regret it soon.


Jennifer 9:39 PM  

Oh no... feel better soon!

Bubbi 7:44 AM  

Oh Jodi--I feel for you--I had it and it was the worst.
Feel better!

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