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Must Be Time For A Vacation

>> Friday, March 23, 2007

I turned the TV on this morning fully intending to immediately switch to the Disney Channel. I paused just long enough before the switch to see Bunratty Castle on the Travel Channel. Ooohhhh, a travel show about Ireland. I can't turn away from that. So as Brenna enjoyed her strawberries and Caelan refused her rice cereal we took a TV tour of Ireland. I would tell Brenna if we had been someplace and she would "ooh" and "aah".

Then the show ended and I switched the TV to Dora the Explorer without much thought.

Shortly after Brenna said this:

No prompting from me- I swear! Of course I had to call Doug and have her tell him.

Our next trip "across the pond" has been tentatively penciled in for next April/May (we usually go in the fall and I thought spring would be nice). We had kind of decided on northern England but Brenna & I may have to override that decision!


Fantastagirl 5:14 PM  

How cute! Tink heard her and said - She's cute - can we play! Hard to explain she lives so far away.

aka_Meritt 6:07 PM  

If only we could travel cheap and easy like they do in Europe. ;)

We are supposed to go to Paris next March... if we can come up with the cash. Now WHY in the world did I think quitting my job was a good idea? LOL.

Jody 7:44 PM  

Meritt- I've often said that. But, honestly, it's less expensive (most of the time) for us to fly to Dublin than it is for us to fly to either coast (and most places in between).

But you're going with school... It jacks up the price. :)

That 1 Guy 10:13 AM  

Still want to get to Ireland and Scotland... or Scotland and then Ireland... but I've been to Yorkshire in the spring.

"Brisk," but beautiful. We stayed in a farmhouse outside of Egton Bridge... and could look down the valley and see the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

Can't wait to get back...

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