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Not For Lack of Trying...

>> Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can a baby scream herself to death?

This is 40 seconds of audio from 40 minutes of torture. My daughter would be of great help to the military as a means to get terrorists to talk. She can do this for hours.

She is exhausted... She falls asleep almost immediately when I hold her and then when I lay her down this starts almost immediately.

I love my kid...
I love my kid...
I love my kid...


aka_Meritt 8:31 AM  

Awwww... that's not bad! LOL.

Jodi 9:57 AM  

I know how those kinds of days can be. Even one little peep can grate on your nerves.

I hope things got better for you both.

VW 11:41 AM  

Good luck. I can empathize... oh boy can I.

Fantastagirl 8:56 PM  

I can totally understand...I hope she gets through this phase very quickly.

Tamara 11:11 AM  

ooh, no fun. we did that too a while back (around Christmas). We eventually figured it out but I had to learn first not to pick him up. It was torture for both of us. We did try benadryl once after consulting the doctor - not sure if it helped but the kiddo did sleep that night!

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