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So, It's Monday Again?

>> Monday, March 26, 2007

Caelan woke me at 5:30- too early to take her out of bed. I nursed her for 5 minutes- just long enough to give her decent sustenance, changed her diaper and put the happy baby back in bed fully intending to return to mine. Which I did. And I realized that I would just toss and turn until 7am and that if I wanted ANY time for myself today I should probably take it... Now.

So here I sit at 6:14am with a cup of tea waiting for the sun to rise.

So... Monday. Hunh. Not that it really matters. One day is really alot like the next around here. Doug works, the girls demand attention, I clean something, cook something and do laundry. Once in a while all goes smoothly and the girls actually nap at the same time and I can enjoy reading or other pursuits that are really not small-child-friendly- like learning to use my Wishblade. Yep, still learning the thing. Endless possibilities.

I actually have a home-improvement project planned. Last summer (I think. Really, could have been 2 years ago... time means nothing to me lately) TKW shared the decorating she did in her daughters' bathroom. She painted polka dots on the walls. So cute. Well, I'm not one for painting. But I am one for polka dots. So I am gonna use this nifty new cutter, buy some sticky vinyl in fun, bright colors and stick it on the walls in my daughters' bathroom. Ta-Da! Wall decals! No mess! And much cheaper than retail. I could do letters... Numbers... Shapes... Oh, the possibilities!

Doug had the day off yesterday. "So what?" thinks you, "It was Sunday." That, my friend, is where you would be mistaken. Doug's last day off - complete day off- was sometime in January. That's sometimes how it is when you're a contractor. Work when you got it because you just don't know when you will be without a job. It was a treat for us to have Daddy an entire day. Brenna even napped with him. She is her Daddy's girl.

Ah, well, Monday. Lots to do. Blogs to visit (yes, I do visit. I'm lurking lately, but I visit), news to peruse. Laundry to do. Floors to vacuum. Just another day, really.



I wake up everyday at 5:30 am just to get time to myself.

Happy Monday

The Kept Woman 8:38 PM  

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Can we see pictures of the polka dotted bathroom?

And yeah, it was last 4th of July...I wiped out on the mud from our sod...in broad daylight.

I'll never forget that day unfortunately.

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