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>> Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Wishblade arrived yesterday. Holy software, Batman, does this thing have a learning curve! It is amazing all the stuff I could potentially do with it. I say potentially because it may take me years to master all the techniques.

For TKW a bit of explanation: The Wishblade is like a printer- except it cuts. So you make your design, word, card, whatever on the computer software and then it cuts it out. Or you can print with your regular printer and the Wishblade will cut the picture how you want it- frilly edges, silhouette, shapes. It'e crazy, I tell ya. It will also do perforated fold lines and pop ups. Insane!

Of course all I have mastered is cutting out letters inside of circles. But how cool is that? It would have taken two different machines for me to do that BW (before Wishblade).

Caelan is napping and Brenna is entertaining herself with shoes, Cars and a blanket. I'm gonna get back to learning about my new toy. Hopefully soon I will have some really cool stuff to share.


Marie 2:07 PM  

Show pics!

I know what you mean about learning curves... I finally got an MP3 player, and it does so much, it's going to take me a while to learn how to use it all! Techno-gizmos have gotten very sophisticated!

The Kept Woman 3:13 PM  

Thank you. I feel enlightened.

I think I saw some cartridges or something for this at JoAnn's Fabrics...thank you for clearing up the mystery.

Jody 3:19 PM  

TKW- no cartriges needed- which makes this system nicer- nothing else necessary to buy! You probably saw the Cricut, a really neat machine but the cartriges make it spendy!

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