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Well, Crud.

>> Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I suppose I must break down and take my laptop in to the Geeks at the store with the Big Yellow Tag. Thankfully I purchased the 3 year warranty because this problem makes that extra couple hundred dollars so worth it.

The last few months I have been having problems with my computer doing very strange things. Sometimes running so slowly as to cause me to get up and leave, other times running programs that I don't have open. And, more often than I care to admit, crashing and telling me that the Broadcom.com OS cannot be found. Ugh.

After a phone call to the Geeks I was told that my hard drive is going bad.

And still I put off taking my computer in.

I dislike being without my laptop. I dislike using a desktop. I dislike the keyboard.

But when my laptop crashed twice this morning I realized that I had better get stuff saved and get the darn thing in before all was lost.

So I may be scarce... Which may not be a bad thing... I have lots to do...

Cakes to make, scrapping to catch up on, kids to raise...


Fantastagirl 6:01 PM  

my work laptop hard drive just died -$300 and four days later it is back. And I only lost a few files. Was sooo happy!

meritt 7:58 PM  

Hi.. My name is Meritt and I'm a computer addict.

Remember when I met you - I was in the process of moving from Minnesota and I had no computer and went through withdrawl and had to go to the local library to use it! LOL.

Grandma H 8:48 PM  

I will miss you. You are a bright spot in my day. On the days you blog anyway.

Marie 8:08 AM  

Good luck!

Your grandma is a sweetheart!!

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