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And It's Gone...

>> Monday, January 01, 2007

The first day of the new year is coming to a close for me. Yeah, it's only 8:23pm but I am expecting a long night. Caelan went to bed early and I will probably be awake at least once.

Doug & I, being the hard core partiers that we are, volunteered to watch my nephew last night so his parents could join friends for dinner. In hindsight (theirs) they would have had more fun at our place- but, hey, we're fun people. Brenna and Koen ran in circles with Toby, ate pizza, ran in more circles and danced until we put them in our bed with a Baby Einstein video to wind down. They were asleep by 9, too tired to even lift their little heads.

With all the kids in bed Doug & I settled in to watch National Treasure (an Iowa Geek favorite), drink some champagne and eat some birthday cake that Meritt sent home with me after Baby Girl's sweet 16.

Yep, it was a big night.

I think the year officially begins tomorrow. Today doesn't feel like it should count as nothing gets accomplished. Not that I made any big resolutions that I broke. Or did I? You'll never know...


Blog Author 5:46 AM  

WE LOVE NATIONAL TREASURE!! It's one of our (Dh and my) favorites.

We even have the huge-assed movie poster framed downstairs in the family room on the wall. LOL.

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