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Buried In Wet, Dirty Stuff

>> Friday, January 05, 2007

Dear TKW-

I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. You see, I am, in fact, buried under piles of nasty, poopy, smelly clothes. Between Brenna's desire to wear big girl panties and her equal abhorrance (thank you Merriam-Webster Thesaurus) to actually using the potty to do the dirty deed I have been rinsing and washing untold loads of laundry.

If you add to that, and you must, Caelan's daily (at least once, often multiple times) poo-splosions and subsequent outfit changes you can imagine that I am spending quite a lot of time over the laundry basin with either a Clorox Bleach Pen or Shout Gel and OxyClean dissolving in water. Rinse, apply product, soak, repeat until stain or fabric has dissolved...

And then you must include the actual potty time. Or play time on the potty as that is what Brenna does. She sits and plays with her Learning Leap or books or the toilet paper roll or a towel... Anything to concentrate on and take her mind off the fact that she needs to pee. Which she will do immediately after getting off the potty and putting on clothes. Which then results in a quick bath, a change of clothes and mommy back at the laundry tub.

Does it never end?


PS If you have the cash may I recommend stock in Pampers, Clorox, Shout & OxyClean? I should be keeping them in business for the next 2 1/2 years- at least.


The Kept Woman 5:42 PM  

We were at that same point this summer...sitting and playing, singing, reading, jacking around, and doind everything but peeing in the potty.

Hang in there...it's like being in hell that vicious circle of human excretion and laundry is...

aka_Meritt 10:02 PM  

... I can't believe you give her a bath every time! Sheesh!

Jody 10:24 AM  

Meritt- not a bath, just a soak. IOtherwise she smells so strongly of urine and I get a headache. :)

Fantastagirl 10:35 AM  


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