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So Much Yet To Do

>> Monday, January 08, 2007

The girls are both in bed but I don't think either of them is napping- yet. Both are tired so, hopefully, I will have a bit of time to put a dent in the stack of phone calls I need to make- and maybe get a shower! Right now I'm multi-tasking; I'm attempting to speak with an actual person at the phone company. It could take a while...

The morning was spent cleaning the master suite; really cleaning it. I scrubbed the shower by hand (usually I let the scrubbing bubbles handle the dirty work but our shower is so big that they need a hand once in a while). I mopped the floor. I scrubbed the sinks and toilet. I even stood in the tub (it's a big corner unit) and scrubbed in between the tiles. Of course vacuuming and dusting were also involved.

Brenna has wanted to "help" for the last few months. I let her use the vacuum once and she succeeded in vacuuming up a scarf from the closet and burning up the belt. What a stink!

So for Christmas we got Brenna a cleaning trolley so she could help me clean without damaging anything.

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She was so cute when she saw it, "Gosh. Wow."

It has a broom, dustpan, mop, bucket and vacuum that actually works. All in a handy trolley for storage and pushing fun.

So today she followed me around, first with the broom, then the mop and bucket (with a bit of water), then a dustrag and finally with the vacuum.

Absolutely the best gift I could have gotten her. She got to "help" and wasn't begging to use my stuff. Excellent.


Marie 4:20 PM  

That is really cool! I have to get Kevin a broom. He LOVES to "sweep." He has a toy vacuum (it doesn't do anything, as B's does) & has fun with that.

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