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I'm Awake... Or... Too Much Caffeine At Night

>> Monday, January 15, 2007

It is now 4:25am. I have been awake approximately 2 hours. I completely blame the 2 Pepsi One(s) that I had after 5pm. And, maybe, the cup of tea that I made after Doug & I finished snowblowing & shoveling. It was supposed to be non-caffeinated raspberry but I grabbed Irish Breakfast out of habit and I am not one to waste a nice, hot cup of tea. Especially since I had a couple of slices of homemade Scottish Shortbread to go with it.

Where's Meritt? I know she rarely sleeps past 3am. The house next door is for sale... The Coffee Family should buy it and then we can get together at 4am over coffee, tea and her yummy cooking.

Caelan has her 4 month well baby visit later this morning. *wow* Four months. She's a fat baby now, chubby legs and cheeks with about 3 chins.

Which reminds me that I haven't heard back from the guy that handles our health insurance or the other company I contacted about an HSA. Which is a whole 'nother post in itself. Let's just sum up and say that we pay aour own health insurnace and, with the coming rate increase it will be over $700 per month. And we are healthy. Insane. So we are looking in to an HSA. I'll have to keep you all updated on that and our decision.

Ahhh, well, enough for now. I'm still not tired so I guess I'll go see what TiVo recorded and veg in front of the TV.


aka_Meritt 5:40 AM  

DUDE! I was up at 3:00 am!!!! :O)

I was online briefly, taking a photo of my pathetic nacho's from last night and emailing the restaurant to complain... (yeah, I did... my oldest daughter kept telling me I HAD to show them their lousy nachos) - and then from 4:30 - 5:30 I was sitting at the kitchen table doing bills and balancing the checkbook. What a great sense of accomplishment to have gotten a stack of bills paid, sealed and stamped -ready to go out.

(How sad is THAT!? My life is so freakin' unbelievably busy right now I feel ACCOMPLISHMENT when I can take an hour to sit down and pay bills? Gah!)

Marie 7:54 AM  

We're paying our own too, right now. Approx 800. Insane.

Great Lakes HSA 8:22 AM  

If you have any questions on the HSAs drop me a eamil. You can find it on our website. I would be happy to tell you the good and bad of these plans as we have been in the HSA business from the very beginning. Sadly, most insurance brokers / agents really don't understand HSA plans. Note, we don't sell insurance in Iowa, which means you can be assured of honest advice. I own Great Lakes HSA.


The Kept Woman 10:03 PM  

I was sleeping for you...might I recommend a heated mattress pad and some super-soft jersey knit sheets?

They can talk even the highest strung caffeine addict into a nice long nap...very persuasive they are...

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