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Brenna Boom

>> Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last night our dinner was interrupted by Brenna falling off her chair. We have tall barstool chairs in our kitchen and Brenna has been climbing on and off of them for a year with no problems. Until last night.

I'm not really sure what happened as I was getting dinner on plates. Doug was in the other room walking Caelan as she was fussy. I heard something- probably Brenna squeaking as she fell- saw feet in the air and Brenna land on her face. And then the scream. I think mine was probably first- "Oh shit!"- and Brenna's followed after the shock of falling wore off.

Oh, the blood. And the tears. Of course neither stopped me from getting a picture. (Doug wasn't too impressed when I asked for the camera)

I'm not sure if you can tell but she bit through her lip. I called three mommies who I was sure had advice for me (my mommy, my sister and Meritt). Ice was applied and Daddy was sent out for popsicles.

And all would have been well if Brenna hadn't suddenly stopped crying and closed her eyes. It was like a switch flipped. And I couldn't get her to respond to me. So I called Doug, he came home and we rushed off to Urgent Care.

Diagnosis: the adrenaline from the fall wore off and she was very tired. Damn, it freaked me out, though. So we came home and Brenna enjoyed two popsicles and cuddling with Daddy before we dosed her with Tylenol and sent her to bed.


Jodi 9:05 AM  

Those kinds of falls are so scary. I am glad she is okay, even with the fat lip.

Doug Halsted 3:18 PM  

It wasn't nearly so scary as the incident that required stiches, until she became groggy.

Marie 3:27 PM  

Poor baby!! I would have freaked out too.

CCHuff 5:38 PM  

Such sad eyes and the one lonesome tear ---

Fantastagirl 8:17 PM  

Poor Brenna looks like it hurts!

Tamara 1:00 PM  

umm, no fun! I got goose bumps just reading!

Jennifer 10:19 PM  

Oooohhhhh poor little thing! I can't help but to pout back at her. :(

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