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She's Getting So Grown Up

>> Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Today was Brenna's first day of pre-school. One day a week for 1 1/2 hours. She was so excited. Here she is with her trusty go everywhere Dora bag.

The pre-school is at the gymnastics school that we play at once in a while so she was happy to enter. And when we went into the school room... Books, a toy kitchen, tables and chairs... She let me help her with her coat, gave me a kiss and off she went.

I felt sorry for the moms with crying toddlers. I just waved and walked out the door.

When Caelan and I picked her up she said that she had fun and wanted to go again.

Yippee! That's an hour and a half that I have only one child! Oh the possibilities!


Tamara 3:40 PM  

Oh, and I think I have my hands full with one child! I'm not sure who's going to be more stunned by #2 - me, or my son!

I'm glad Brenna had no problem running off and playing. What a joy!

aka_Meritt 4:50 PM  

She looks so old!!! *sniff* My baby is growing up! LOL.

Fantastagirl 1:22 PM  

ah... you've prepared her well - and honestly most kids would do great if their parents were calm about it as well.

vw bug 3:00 PM  

My older son was great at preschool and still is. My younger son... is a different person. He does not like change and when we were out for 4 weeks for the 'holidays'... he cried when I took him back today. sigh.

Brent 9:18 PM  

We were so lucky that our three kids didn't mind where we took them during the day, be it for an hour or 8. That's good, isn't it? I mean, they aren't going to end up climbing to the top of a clock tower with a high powered rifle, are they?

The Kept Woman 10:04 PM  

Uh yeah...my kid would be clinging to my legs.

She looks just darling and so grown up!

Hey, whatever happened to the plant that someone gave you when she was born? That was the first post I ever read here and you were sure you were going to kill it.

Marie 4:15 PM  

She does look so grown up! Hooray Brenna! & Hooray for Mom having 1 1/2 hours!

CCHuff 8:43 AM  

Slow down - she's growing up way to fast! Kept woman, the plant is alive and well at my house. Maybe when Brenna gets old enough to take care of it, I will start her one since Jody swears she has a brown thumb. Jody's mom

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