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>> Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brenna chose "Finding Nemo". Yesterday she switched it up and we watched "The Incredibles". Caelan is propped in a beanbag- she likes to sit up.

Caelan was up for the day at 5:15 this morning. Brenna woke at 5:30 crying. I put Caelan down, went in to Brenna's room and found her sitting up in bed. She crawled into my lap immediately and started crying again. Everyone ended up in mommy & daddy's bed and no more rest was had.

I was hoping for a nap this afternoon but it was not to be. I put Brenna in her room but Caelan was having none of it. When I got her settled Brenna was awake- a 45 minute nap. What is up with my children no wanting to nap? It surely doesn't come from Doug or I...we relish the opportunity. Maybe it's something you appreciate more as you get older...

I was planning to make parmesan crusted chicken breast and rosemary roasted potatoes for dinner but my head is pounding and I don't want to cook so a Wolfgang Puck frozen pizza is now on the menu.

Well, that was in no way an entertaining post. Forgive me. I'm waiting for the caffeine to kick in.


Jennifer 8:19 PM  

Ah sweetie.. we've all been there but lucky you to have pizza * even if it is frozen* on my days like that my family gets soup out of a can.

MonkeyDragon 9:06 PM  

oh, I had one that NEVER napped - from day one she was up at 6 am and never napped -

remember - "necessity is the mother of invention" ie - the frozen pizza ;)

vw bug 7:19 PM  

I hope you are doing well. I still have a few of those days. A bag of frozen chicken nuggets is always available in the freezer. ;-)

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