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Down With The Sickness

>> Sunday, January 28, 2007

Brenna went to bed shortly after 6pm.
Caelan went to bed shortly after 7pm.
Doug went to bed shortly after 8pm.

Brenna has been dosed with Tylenol for fever and aches, Doug with NyQuil and all three have been rubbed down with VapoRub.

I am constantly rubbing myself in hand sanitizer and washing my hands. Because you know that if mommy gets sick we will all perish. (Not that Caelan is sick but we really want to prevent it from happening).

I am having a preventative cup of raspberry tea and will shortly go to bed... I'm afraid it may be a long night.


meritt 7:01 AM  

Apparently I infected you through the computer. Damn computer viruses.

Marie 11:42 AM  

That stinks! Hope Mommy doesn't go down next.

Fantastagirl 6:16 PM  

I hope you are staying well, and that everyone else feels better soon!!

The Kept Woman 8:07 PM  


I hope that neither of them pukes hot pink in your car.

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