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Pretty Pretty Princesses... And A Cow

>> Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This past Saturday we had our final family Christmas. It was held at my aunt and uncle's house in SW Iowa. My aunt is an inhome daycare provider; they had their house specially built for that purpose. The entire lower level is the daycare and has a large playroom, a classroom/ lunchroom, bedrooms and a bathroom.

As you can imagine this makes for fun times when we do visit.

After lunch the adults were upstairs playing games and the kids were let loose in the playroom. They were being awfully quiet so I went down to check on them- and immediately yelled for my camera.

Ethan was fully dressed in the princess gown while Koen was stuggling into the Barbie dress. I, of course, had to help him get it over his noggin.

Brenna, who wears pretty pink dresses quite often, decided on the cow costume. Which sparked the remark of "Why are the boys in dresses and the girl is a cow?"

I guess it was just more fun that way.


Christie 6:46 AM  

lmao- priceless

aka_Meritt 8:30 AM  

ROTFL... love it. Just what I needed to see this morning to give me a smile before I have to go to work.

Jen H 9:13 PM  

My little boy loves to dress up like a princess. But don't let that fool you; he's a charmer and he likes girls.

Gorgeous, isn't he?

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