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Another Boring Appointment

>> Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today was yet another uneventful OB appointment. Baby's heartbeat was good and strong and she is measuring "big". No surprise there- Brenna was 8 lb 13 oz- I expect baby to be just as big.

I gained just over one pound in the past month which did surprise me a bit; I suppose it has something to do with the stomach troubles from a couple of weeks ago. Although baby is very active- maybe she is burning calories for me!

I did ask my doctor about donating cord blood. The hospitals locally don't do that because the banks- for donations- are full. I didn't realize that. We discussed cord blood a bit; my doctor told me that of all the OB doctors in the clinic none had banked cord blood in the last few years because the science just isn't equal to the cost of banking cord blood "just in case". And I am not of the mind that we need to do a personal cord blood banking but I was interested in donating it if it could help someone else. My doctor actually said that, often, he thought the private cord blood banks were a scam. Hmmm...

Now we begin the every-two-week appointments. Next time I'm in we will schedule the c-section. Ahhhh, the end is drawing closer!

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