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What's In A Name?

>> Sunday, July 23, 2006

Besides everything? I have lots of ideas but no decisions. I've even deviated from Irish/ Gaelic names and explored Welsh and Anglo-Saxon origins. Let's delve into the list as it stands tonight:

Irish/ Gaelic names
Fallyn (leader)
Quinn (wise and intelligent) - this is probably my favorite right now
Kellan (warrior princess)
Riane (little king)
Ciara - pronounced Keara

Welsh names
Catrin (pure)
Rhian or Rhiannon (magic maiden)
Taryn (hill)

Anglo-Saxon names
Devyn (poet)
Faran (adventurous)

So, there they are. I want something not so common that she will go to school with six other little girls with the same name (like I did. All but one even had my same middle name!) but I don't want something so odd as to make her stand out too much. Aaarrrggghhh! Honestly, boy names just seem so much easier right now!

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