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>> Tuesday, July 11, 2006

That, my friends, is the sound of the other shoe dropping. Yes, because everything that happened yesterday was not quite enough.

I am coming to you from bed which is a damn site more comfy than the bathroom floor where I spent half the night alternately on the toilet or curled in a little ball holding my tummy and wishing for death. Which is how Doug found me this morning, whimpering in pain.

But what a good husband. Realizing that there was no way I could possibly take care of Brenna today he called his job & took the day off. Which really sucks if you are a contractor; no work = no pay. Ah, he must love me.

And he must really love Brenna for at 9:16 am when she was finally waking up he went in to her room to find a poo-splosion. Yep, the runny icks hit her again. In fact it is probably what woke her. Poo everywhere necessitating in all the bedding and PJs making their way to the washer and Brenna getting a bath. And I didn't hear about it until he had it all under control. Oh, yeah, he loves me.

I did go up and try to help after the fact, which may not have been the best idea. Either the climbing of the stairs or the big drink of warm, flat Sprite didn't agree with me and I was in Brenna's bathroom sitting on the toilet with a garbage can in my hands and making use of both recepticles. Doug just quietly closed the door (seriously, I didn't have time for such niceties). True love right there, folks.

Happily I felt slightly better after that and when Brenna went down for a nap Doug took the truck to the dealership. Of course, as good 'ol Murphy set into law, when he pulled in to the service area the windshield wipers stopped. And they worked just fine for the technicians. So, of course, there was nothing they could do. At least it saved what would surely have been a few hundred dollars- for now.

And now my dear husband is on his way to Home Depot to get stuff for the attic and the roof as I lay here s l o w l y sipping Gatorade to avoid any reruns of earlier ick. I need to get my temperature down and keep hydrated. Time to nibble a cracker and try to take some Tylenol.

Just so you know, I'd give Doug big smooches if I weren't afraid of infecting him.

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