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It's Over

>> Sunday, July 16, 2006

The garage sale. It's over. Yea!

You could not possibly believe the amount of stuff that was spilling out of my garage yesterday morning. Two and a half stalls in my garage were filled and stuff was spilling down two-thirds of my driveway. Honestly, it was like my house vomited. And my sister's house. And both of my brother's houses. The sheer amount of stuff we had to sell was almost overwhelming.

We had tables and tables filled with children's clothes. And a hanging rack, also packed. And boxes of clothes underneath holding the clothes that we couldn't fit on the tables. That, of course, was the big draw. If you have good kids clothes you are guaranteed to have a killer sale. We also had two tables of scrapbooking stuff. Two. Of stuff we had acquired here and there. Crazy. Add to that the assorted adult clothes, the Christmas stuff you never use, kids toys and books, the geek stuff that Doug has so much of, stuff that just accumulates.... Ugh...

Probably the worst thing about garages sales, in my opinion, is the people. You know the ones. Your sale begins at 8am and they are waiting at 7:30. And you cannot avoid them until 8 if things need to be put out on the drive. You would have thought that my garage door was the starting gun for some kind of race the way people ran. It was actually quite freaky to see feet outside the garage door as it rose.

It was impossible for us to put things out with a garage full of people pawing through practically everything. Honestly, they were stepping over boxes as we were trying to move them to make room for people to walk. Seriously, people, just give us a freakin' minute.

Two or three times we had people lined up out the door waiting to pay. It was absolutely crazy. Luckily noone lost their tempers in the 105 degree heat (I was really close, though) and we got through our rushes and got stuff sorted out and around so there was room to move.

Between the ad and the terrific location (because you know people scout location when they go garage sale-ing) we took in close to $800; not too shabby.

But I am so happy that it is over for another year.

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