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The Holiday and The Aftermath

>> Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our Fourth of July was spent with family. Doug was able to accompany us to the splash park for the first time. Brenna enjoyed showing Daddy how to play in the water. This was her favorite spot.

She was finally able to convince her cousin Koen to join her in the water. Filling buckets and dumping them on yourself is great fun!

After the splash park it was home for lunch and naps. Brenna enjoyed her PB&J with applesauce. In all honesty I could have skipped the jelly as she used the applesauce to dip the sandwich.

After naps we had everyone over for more fun and food. As much as we enjoy having people here it is always nice after everyone has gone and we can just veg as a family. We pulled down the movie screen and watched The Incredibles and cuddled on the couch. Taking Brenna to bed at 9:45 we happened to glance out the window and see fireworks, so out to the deck we went. Brenna really liked the sparkles and the noise. Her expressions of open-mouthed wonder were completely worth the late bedtime.

Now we are enjoying cereal with blueberries and watching Sesame Street. I have a list of things that must be done today as well as dishes from last night that I didn't get around to washing yet. And laundry. And regular cleaning. And the continuing potty training.

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