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First Kiss

>> Friday, July 07, 2006

Last night I took Nature Girl home and ended up staying and talking to Merrit until 10pm. Topics were wide ranging, from a restaurant in Minneapolis we had both eaten at but many people don't even know exists to the way companies change mopheads so you can never replace the mophead but must, instead, replace the entire mop. (Yeah, NG was real impressed by that conversation!)

Because it was going on bedtime Brenna stayed with Daddy. Who, it seems, was playing matchmaker. Two doors up from us was a little boy with red hair (Mommy is a sucker for red hair) driving a Jeep. He gave Brenna a ride. And from the grainy video on Doug's cell phone I could see him put his arm around my daughter (with prodding from her daddy!) and give her a kiss on the cheek. Brenna, bless her heart, was busy brushing him away to play with the "car phone". She is too young for car kisses! Especially from older boys! (He's 2 1/2!)

Oooh, look! Very grainy camera phone video! Click the picture to play.

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