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>> Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I had the girls in the car. We were on our way to the western suburbs for some shopping. Brenna was so excited as Caelan and I usually shop while she is in school. My plans were to go to Archiver's and use my coupons for free and very discounted stuff (that expire today),visit Ulta for makeup (more freebies, luckily those coupons are good for a few more days) and Old Navy for a kitchy St Pat's outfit for Caelan's 6 month photos (on the day that you must wear green).

These plans had originally been set for later this afternoon but the weather guys are calling for a load of crap to move in by noon. Mom was gonna hang with Brenna at the pet store or the ice cream parlor while I ran my errands.

With those plans out the window I figured that if we set out by 9am and I brought lots of treats that all would be fine. Caelan would sleep and Brenna could be bribed.

Snacks- check
Juice- check
Stroller built for two- check

And so we drive. The first thing I notice is the sleet. It's not too heavy so we press on. The I pass the local John Deere plant. And drive through snow drifts that have been blown on to the road. Well, crud. I didn't realize the wind was so high. That changes everything as we are not going to a mall but to a "open" shopping area. I really don't think it is fair for me to drag the girls across a cold and windy parking lot multiple times for some free scrapbook paper and 25% off any item (even if I can save almost $25 on said item).

So it's back to home. Which made Brenna cry. She really wanted to go shoppin'.

Shortly after noon my mom called to let me know that she would be done working soon, did I want to bring the girls out? Since the crud hadn't started yet and I wouldn't have to drag the girls around I quickly agreed. I got to do my shopping while Brenna & Grandma (with a surprise visit from Daddy) enjoyed ice cream.

The girls scored big at Old Navy- I got them each cute cargos (on sale) for Easter outfits, each a St Pat's shirt and each a funny shirt (Caelan's says "My Mom is a Rockstar" and Brenna's says "I Didn't Do It, My Evil Sister Did").

I got my necessary stuff at Ulta and my free nail polish and free spring make-up collection. And my scrapbooking goodies from Archiver's.

As we loaded in the car and were leaving Brenna wanted to know when we were going to "go shoppin', Mommy". Seems ice cream just isn't enough for some people...


Unknown 10:47 AM  

Bummer ... I know they said it was heading this way ...

Sigh! More of the crap ... I am soooooo ready for Spring!

Unknown 10:47 AM  

Bummer ... I know they said it was heading this way ...

Sigh! More of the crap ... I am soooooo ready for Spring!

Blog Author 6:58 AM  

I'm so glad you went back out!!! They kept saying all day "something wicked this way comes" but it didn't!

BabyGirl even went to dance last night - she was quite bummed it didn't drop a foot of snow on us. LOL.

This morning looks FINE out but school is cancelled. I assume it's because of the layer of ice covering everything again.

PS: I've never been in that Old Navy. Hmph!

Unknown 8:10 AM  

Grrrr...we must be getting today what you had yesterday...there's sleet and snow and heaps of cars in the ditch.

I too will forge on...to Wally World. Be jealous, my friend.

Marie 12:45 PM  

We were supposed to get some nasty weather this morning... but got nothing!

I love shopping solo!! Though ice cream would do the trick for me.

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