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Here I Am!

>> Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wow, I haven't posted since Wednesday. I do have a good excuse, though. Well, a couple of them, actually.

I got that nasty cold that is going around and it was honestly all I could do to keep up with the girls. I felt truly awful... Rundown and bitchy. Blech.

And secondly I was working on a video of photos for my Grandma's 75th surprise birthday party. I would have shared with all of you the great photos from the 1930's thru now but, as many of you have seen if you read our comments, Grandma H is a frequent visitor.

Happily the family was able to pull it off without a hitch and she was completely surprised. I think she actually thought we were going to let that milestone on her road of life slip by without any sort of celebration. HA!

So I will leave you this evening with a couple of photos. The first is my grandmother with her "baby" chow when she was 2 or 3. I think it is such an adorable photo- it just makes me smile.

And here is a photo taken in late 1973. I would have been almost 3- that's me on the right-my sister- on the left- would have been 2 1/2 and my cousin Anne was just over a month old.

You can all see where Brenna gets her good looks!


aka_Meritt 7:29 AM  

LOVE the photo of Grandma with her puppy.

And you and your sister look exactly like you do NOW.

And uh... Jen? Why are you digging in your panties? LOL.

Marie 1:49 PM  

Very fun! The pic of Grandma as a baby is precious!! And you can see how happy she is as the Grandma!

Jen H 6:48 PM  

I swear that's not me; it's Ethan in a dress.

Grandma H 8:26 PM  

Guess what Jen? That was my thought exactly.

Grandma H 8:27 PM  

Guess what Jen? That was my thought exactly.

Fantastagirl 9:04 PM  

What great pictures! Am glad you pulled off the surprise - those are always the best!

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