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And A Large Chocolate Computer To You, Too

>> Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yep, there it is, Doug's Valentine from me. He was greatly amused by it when he found it in the car this morning. I made him take it to work- for two reasons. 1) He works with computer geeks; I think they will all find it fitting and 2) I really don't want it in my house. I'm not a fan of milk chocolate...but if it's here, taunting me... well...

Brenna & Caelan got Daddy a book that he has been wanting. They got me an Archivers gift card. And Doug hid an Ulta gift card inside the book I am currently reading. Yes, we hide our gifts for eachother. It's good for a smile. I ordered books for the girls through Brenna's school but they didn't come in yet. Thankfully they are too young to notice.

So, who's going out to dinner tonight? Not us. The last time we went out for Valentine's dinner was 2004. I found out I was pregnant with Brenna two days later. Anyway, the experience was awful. Over-crowded restaurant,badly prepared food, surly waitstaff, very rude and bitchy hostess. We had a reservation- I could see it on the sheet- and she "couldn't read it" so we had to wait...and wait...and wait. Needless to say, we've not been back to that restaurant.

I will prepare a lovely feast here: shrimp cocktail to start followed by Parmesan crusted chicken with twice baked potatoes and personal desserts (carrot cake for Doug, dark chocolate cake for me) all washed down with a bit of bubbly.

If Doug is home early enough Brenna will share dinner with us; if not she'll have a hot dog and veggies. Which, quite honestly, she will enjoy more.

Hearts and flowers to all my blog friends. The Geeks love you.


Windjammer 10:09 AM  

I wonder how many bytes that computer is!

Oh, come on, you know someone had to be cheesy, might as well be me.

Doug Halsted 5:43 PM  

It is very tasty. Or maybe I shoudl say...

CCHuff 5:43 PM  

Ask your grandmother about the time we took her to the Cracker Barrel for dinner on Valentine's Day - not a pretty story. I like your plans much better! Love the chocolate computer. Happy Valentines Day.

Fantastagirl 7:15 PM  

That sounds like an awesome evening at home - Going out on Valentine's is just silly- the waitstaff is grumpy because they have to work.

That computer is awesome!

Grandma H 7:35 PM  

The Crackerbarrel Story, are you sure you want to hear it?
Grandpa and I had been to the Beef Expo and were going to spend the night with your mom and Joe. They and Jenni & Jon took us out for my birthday. First we had to stand in line for a table, only about an hour and a half, then no matter what we ordered they were out. Jenni had to go scrounge up silverware and finally Jon threatened to go call Pizza Hut. The food wasn't too bad after we finally got it but CrackerBarrel is a no-no for us. It is good for a laugh not though.

Anonymous 12:47 AM  

great cake. what a creative idea. I'll take the the any key piece :-)

The Kept Woman 9:44 AM  


I wish I was there for dinner...it's sounded yummalicious!

Anonymous 1:23 AM  

Goodness knows I do not need that much chocolate, but my how I would love to have milk chocolate. You can call me a geek any day if you hand over milk chocolate with the name calling!!

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