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Prelude to Valentine's Day

>> Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unlike every other community around us, school wasn't cancelled here. Today was Brenna's Valentine party. And it was her day to take snacks. If it hadn't been we certainly would have skipped school today; the roads were terrible. But the cupcakes made it without incident as we managed to miss the car that slid out of control in front of us. A couple of other vehicles weren't so lucky.

Here Brenna shows off her Valentine box. She helped but quickly grew bored so I did the top. Fancy, huh? And it's got a nice coating of Modge Podge so if I put it up she should be able to use it for a couple of years.

While Brenna was at school Caelan and I wandered around Target. We needed dog food, diapers and lotion. Of course other things made it into the cart- including the makings for dinner tomorrow night and a bottle of sparkling wine. I'll share the menu tomorrow- Doug is likely to see it if I post it tonight. I'll just say it's gonna be yummy.

Unlike tonight- leftover lasagna. Not that it won't be yummy, but it's leftovers. Blah.


Fantastagirl 9:35 PM  

Brenna is very cute! I am sure she had a great time at the party!

Anonymous 3:50 AM  

Great news




She is a cutie.

Marie 7:19 AM  

Very cute!

Happy V Day!

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