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Anonymous Adorable Baby

>> Thursday, February 15, 2007

Here is the baby formerly known as Caelan, now to be called AAB, modeling her onesie tutu made by TKW (link takes you to her January posts, scroll down to January 28 to get the low down on the tutu).

Yep, AAB received the onesie that was saved from the trash by Sugar Daddy and will now be an official eBay model. We are, of course, hoping this will lead to actual paid gigs and someday AAB will become famous like one half of the Olsen twins. Preferrable the half without the eating disorder or really crappy taste in art.


Marie 8:46 AM  

Absolutely adorable!!!

CCHuff 5:19 PM  

Cute cute cute!

Anonymous 1:20 AM  

I have not been to visit you for a while. I missed the birth of this beautiful little girlie!! She is adorable.

I always thought the Olsen twins were rather odd looking from babyhood on. I'm glad they have had such success, but man at what cost?? Your baby wins hands down on adorable factor!

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