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Below Average

>> Monday, February 19, 2007

I heard a commercial this morning. It was commercial about engagement rings. The commercial said that the average engagement lasts 13 months. That made me think about our engagement.

When we got engaged Doug & I had been dating for just over a year. We dated "long distance" for 6 months and then I moved to Iowa. It was a commitment I was willing to make so we could continue our relationship; you can only do "long distance" relationships for so long.

Forward to October 2003. October 6, to be exact; Doug's birthday. We are driving to Texas for work. We stop in Kansas City for dinner. KC Masterpiece to be exact. Doug likes good BBQ. We are sitting at a booth, just talking about work, when Doug says to me something along the lines of "So, would you like to make this relationship more permanent?"

I was dumbfounded. "What?"

"Will you marry me?"

And I laughed. Like a lunatic. I was completely caught off guard. I really thought Doug would propose in a much more romantic way. As everyone knows I said yes.

But no ring, not candles, no champagne. And when we saw Doug's family in Texas he did his best to make them choke when he told them- he made sure they were eating.

We were married on October 24. We were engaged for 18 days. Not even one month. I didn't want anything big. I actually wanted to elope; we were going to be in New Orleans in November and I thought it would be fun to get married there. But trying to plan something so quickly- ack! So we found a lovely little chapel in rural Iowa, had my sister and brother-in-law be our witnesses, got married on a Friday morning and spent the weekend at Country Club Plaza in Kansas City- where Doug took me for our first romantic weekend and where we got engaged.

I guess we're below average.


The Kept Woman 8:58 PM  

Damn, you had me beat. I was engaged for one month and one day.

Although Sugar Daddy's original proposal was equally as romantic as the "Wanna make this permanant?"...it was "Will you start a family with me?"

Yes...good woman for breeding...arughaaaaa!!

Grandma H 9:29 PM  

You may be below average in some peoples book but to me you are an above average family. I did better than that. Grandpa never proposed we just both kind of decided we wanted to be married. It took us all of 6 weeks to decide that, so we must be below average too as we were never really engaged. And just look at how long it lasted!

Pam in Colorado 1:17 AM  

My husband and I met and were married in 6 months. We were engaged 2 months after we met and 4 months later we said "I do!"

My daughter and her fiancee had origionally planned to be engaged for a year(actually it would have been 1 1/2 years). We are glad they decided not to wait. We don't want anyone rushing things, but how much temptation is added when you are waiting for the sake of tradition.

My hubby was planning on proposing on Valentine's Day, but I was so worried his family would not like me that I couldn't stop crying and worrying one night early in Feb. and he decided to settle things once and for all. He figured they would like me but he didn't really care, as he wanted to marry me no matter what! (As we were both in our 30's it wasn't like we were young and our parents would disapprove or anything, I am just a big cry baby!!)


I find your story to be more romantic than most of the big engagement stories and long drawn out engagement periods.

Jodi 9:29 AM  

We must be average. My hubby and I were engaged for right about 13 months. :)

I love how he proposed with no ring! He must be a spontaneous guy!

Brent 8:30 PM  

There is nothing long with below average. I think it's romantic. And I'm a stubborn, cynical cop.

Marie 2:55 PM  

18 days! Wow! That is an excellent story. Seems to be working out great for you guys...

Our engagement was a little over a year -- which was longer than I wanted, but that was just the way it worked out.

Jennifer 8:53 PM  

Sometimes it's the shortest engagements that the marriages last the longest!

Adam and I were together three years until we got engaged 93-96 and then got married three years after that in June of '99!

So does that make us above average?

Nocturnal 5:03 AM  

As common as divorce is these days, I would have figured that average to be far less.

Cool story about you and yours.


CCHuff 7:33 PM  

The size of the ring and length of engagement doesn't matter - the size of the love does.

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