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I Hate

>> Monday, February 05, 2007

Windows Vista. HATE IT!

We bought a new laptop yesterday because Doug's is on it's way to the computer graveyard. He said that he would take my old one and I could have the new one. Very gallant of him, no? After much research he decided on a Gateway 64bit dual processor model (I think I have that right) with a 120 GB HD. Sweet, yes?

No. You would think that with the dual processors this thing would be smokin' fast. And it probably would be if Windows Vista didn't suck.

Suck, suck, suck.

I am currently on hold with the place with the Big Yellow Tag to see if they have any laptops left with Windows XP. I loves me the XP.

Did I mention that I can't transfer anything I saved to the new OS? Nope. It works with nothing.

I really am not impressed.

And Doug was even less impressed than I am.


meritt 10:41 AM  

I know a *certain* Yellow Tag South of town sold out of EVERY LAST ONE of them (with XP) and have none on hand.

Good luck with that... how about you just buy XP and install??????

Jody 11:48 AM  

Can't find XP on a shelf anywhere. :)

Jennifer 12:19 PM  

I have been wondering about Windows Vista.. I don't like the idea of buying something that HAS to have the OS come with it... You'd think with all the choices we have in the electronic world that we'd have some sort of say in what we use. I too like XP, it's been a joy to have and use, and now because some big shot rich guy had a new idea we all have to suffer. Sigh.

Praying my computer holds out for as long as possible.

Doug Halsted 12:27 PM  

I have 5 user licenses for XP just sitting around. I was hoping that there would be a restore disk with XP. That way if anything happens, I only have to use one disk to get it right again.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to buy Ghost.

Marie 1:08 PM  

Crazy. MS forcing a new OS down the throat of the consumer. When I bought my Dell laptop in the fall, I had the option to choose to "upgrade" to Vista when it was released. I declined. Thank goodness. Good luck!

Anonymous 3:46 PM  

I'm really glad I bought my laptop early in January before the Vista operating system was released.

The guys at a competing store said that Vista has lots of problems and to wait a year for MS to work the bugs out. I think I'll at least be waiting.


Jodi 6:16 PM  

It always takes them awhile to get it working correctly. I hate when you get a new computer and nothing works right.

I hope they fix it soon.

Fantastagirl 8:22 PM  

I would ask the guys at the yellow tag store to checks some of the smaller locations like in the eastern part of the state - as I believe there were a few computers left there as of Saturday that had XP on them - and they were on sale because they had XP....

Jody 8:51 PM  

I have to say the all the people I spoke to at the store with the Big Yellow Tag were not very helpful. And were kind of bitchy about the whole thing. I wonder if they have received a lot of calls about it...

Joe 9:55 PM  

I just bought a new mac Notebook; with dual Intel under the hood; waited 5 years for my first XP box but still prefer 2k om my thinkpad

Sorry to say but mac OS rocks and its worth a few bucks more and its real pretty too!

Looks like Doug will be busy with ghost and re-imaging the spiffy new machine!

Bubbi 5:57 AM  

Thanks for the heads up Jodi. I will be in the market for a new PC this year and I dont want Vista. XP is an OS that MS did rather well and I like it.

MS said XP would still be available and given what you said--that doesnt appear to be the case :(

I have the disks for my factory installed XP on current machine--they cant be used for a new one?? Doug?

Bubbi 6:07 AM  

Hey Jodi
Found XP home edition with service pack 2 for 196.00 at Walmart.

The Kept Woman 4:51 PM  

Oh no.

We're supposed to upgrade to Vista soon.

Is it an upgrade or a downgrade though, that's the question?

Doug Halsted 8:58 PM  

bubbi, you can try the factory disks on the new machine. You may have trouble though if it is from a different manufacturer. They sometimes hide stuff specific for their brand.

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