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I Need New Jeans

>> Friday, February 16, 2007

I have developed a severe hatred of shopping. Used to love it. Of course I hadn't had any children at that time; things were firm and in their rightful places. Now my body is foreign territory. And not fun foreign territory. I don't want to explore it because I am hoping it will change, revert back to what it once was.

So, jeans. I need new jeans. I bought a couple pair after Caelan was born and they are too big (not complaining, losing baby weight = good) so now I must succumb to the torture of shopping for denim.

Luckily I have found two, yes two, possible saviors in this black hole of doom.

First I present to you Zafu, a website that claims to match you with your best jeans. I like the fact that I can choose to not see jeans that have stretch. Whose bright idea was that, anyway? "Oh, let's make the jeans stretchy so women can think they are a size smaller." "Oh, terrific idea! And then they can continue to stretch during the day and sag! Fabulous! We develop butt firmer and make a fortune! Women won't "get" that it's the jeans! Brilliant!"

And second is Blond Genius, a local store whose ads claim that they can match you with your perfect jeans. I probably wouldn't actually enter this store except it has, as TKW calls them, Fancy Pants. And the fancier the pants the better they fit. Not that I can bring myself to spend so much on a pair of jeans. Well, maybe one really good pair...

Maybe I'll just buy shoes and bags... They always fit. sigh


Marie 11:42 AM  

Zafu is cool -- I agree, what's with all the stretchy jeans?

I've gone to buy pants/jeans & have come home with other things instead. Sigh. I usually wear one pair of jeans for a whole week anyway!

Jennifer 8:50 AM  

I need a new body before I get new jeans

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