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The MPs Are On To You

>> Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yep, the big, bad MALL POLICE are on the case.

Today I loaded up the girls and headed to the western suburb of our small city to the "new mall". OK, so it's been open two years but you know how these things are- there are shops here that I mourned when I moved from the Twin Cities. It's a really nice mall with some more "upscale" shops than you find at the city's "old malls".

Anyway, after trying to wear Brenna down in the play area we headed up to the food court. After ordering food at Wendy's (two kid's meals, one with chocolate milk- for Brenna, one with white milk- for me but Brenna took it, too, one with fries- for us to share, one with orange slices- also to share but Brenna ate them all while I fed Caelan), having the manager refigure the total as the girl taking my order barely spoke English and finding a seat we settled in to eat.

As I am trying to get Caelan to take a bottle and making sure Brenna doesn't drench herself in milk I notice one plain clothed MP and two in uniform circling the food court. They end up behind us- we are seated next to a table of four young boys, one of whom had just left the table. The MPs see him across the food court and split up to apprehend him. His friends, hearing the MPs- as I did- know exactly who they are after. As they watch the MPs follow their friend they quickly get out of the booth and make their way to an exit.

So I'm watching this all go down and wondering just what they are going to do. They don't look old enough to drive and I'm sure they were just dropped off by someone's mommy. Then Caelan begins to scream and I forget all about the boys.

Until we are making our way out. An MP runs by us and I see the three boys who left shortly before. The MP heards them toward Hollister where they are met by the other MPs and their friend.

So my guess is that "friend" absconded with an item from Hollister and wasn't so smooth about it. Sucks to be them when their mommys find out. I wonder if they will get grounded from the very fancy cell phones they were carrying. Or maybe from their very expensive video game systems. Surely they won't lose their iPods- that would just be heinous.

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