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It Got Us

>> Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You will have to forgive the lack of posting, it seems that we caught the bug that is going around. Or, more correctly, it got us. No fevers but stuffy, icky noses and big coughs.

Brenna got it first followed by Doug and now I am in the midst of the worst of it. Doug has been slamming Airborne like it's tequila shots and I, well, I am drug free. Which sucks. I would give almost anything for some DayQuil. That's the sucky thing about nursing- it's just like being pregnant- you can't take anything good for colds. So I am drinking lots of tea and OJ.

Caelan is showing no ill effects from us coughing and sneezing all around her. She, of course, is on the best stuff to keep you well- mommy's milk.

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