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And Today?

>> Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So, what does the day hold for this SAHM and her kidlets? Not much. My major plan today is to clean the basement, do a couple loads of laundry and wash dishes. I don't think the girls and I will even get out of our loungewear (ie: pajamas). Yep, it's gonna be a lazy day.

I've got lists of things that I would like to do. So many lists. Amd every time I think I may get to something other than housework I am reminded by screaming and crying that I have A) a baby that needs to eat, B) a toddler that needs to eat, C) a baby that needs a diaper change, D) a stinky toddler that needs a diaper change (no, the potty training hasn't taken yet) or E) some other catastrophy that I must set to rights or bear the consequences for untold amounts of time.

Caelan is sleeping and Brenna is coloring at her desk. I should really begin cleaning- my desk is a mess. It will take me forever just to clean it.

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