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A Good Samhain To You

>> Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Celtic New Year.

Traditionally Samhain (pron. 'sau - an'), November 1st, marked the beginning of the year in Ireland. On the eve of Samhain the separation between the past and the future, this world and the next dissolved, the fairies feast, the púcáns (magical animals) roam and the Irish people set lighted candles inside turnips. The inspiration for the Jack-o-Lantern, like so many of our Halloween customs, grew from this festival that began a season of song and stories told around the fire during the long nights of winter.

Would you like some candy?

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Could you refuse this little faery?

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Beggar's Night was last night in our suburb. It was freakin' cold! And windy! Brenna had on thermal pjs and her sweat suit. Not a nice night to be out. We went ta a dozen houses and then came home to hand out candy. I think Brenna had more fun at home.

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She stood at the door holding the cauldron of goodies saying, "People. People. People coming." It was so cute.

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