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I've Only to Ask (aka Happy Anniversary)

>> Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My wonderful husband, remembering our anniversary, got me a beautiful card with a lovely poem inside and a heartfelt message. Me, also remembering our anniversary, completely forgot to get a card the last two nights when I was out buying other necessities.

I'm so lame.

So, on the the heartfelt message: "What can I give to the perfect wife? You have only to ask and it will be yours."

Now, I must say that I am far from the perfect wife. I have a temper, I'm a control freak, my house is far from clean and many days I am lucky to get out of yoga pants and tank top and into real clothes.

Now, the asking and receiving thing... That's full of infinate possibilities.

My first instinct is to beg for 8 solid hours of sleep. But, unless Doug can grow breasts and begin producing milk I think that may be out for another month or so.

Next I thought about the possibility of trading in our tickets to Dallas for tickets to Ireland. Oh, yeah, that would win me big points with Doug's family.

I would love a weekend away. Either Minneapolis or Kansas City for some shopping. That would require taking someone with us to watch the girls so we could go out for an evening. I'm sure my mom would agree to come but then my dog is sitter-less.

But, quite honestly, I have everything I need or want.

I have a wonderful husband who provides completely for me and the girls. I have a beautiful house. I am lucky enough to get to raise my children and not have to work. For me to ask for more would be incredibly selfish.

To My Geek:

Happy 3rd anniversary. Because of you I have a life that I was afraid to admit I wanted; a life that is complete and perfect. Together we have created a family and a life that I wouldn't trade for a castle in the British Isles.

I love you.


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