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Just A Little Time

>> Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wow, so my last post was Wednesday. How lame I feel. I have good intentions, really I do. I think I have everyone occupied, fed, changed. I sit down at the computer. And then it strikes. Something always strikes.

This morning I was just getting ready to post. My plan was to hide in the basement with a cup of tea. But I needed the tea. So up to the kitchen I went. Brenna decided to join me in the basement. OK. So we have to find a video to occupy her. Not an easy task. She has moved on from Buzz & Woody and now her favorite is Incredibles. Which I nixed. After a few false starts she settled for Blues Really Big Movie.

OK, heading for the computer. Almost there. When Doug appears with a crying Caelan and says "I can't fix it." Commence nursing.

Now I have finished feeding Caelan and the entire family has joined me in the basement. So much for hiding. Doug has pulled out the couch and he and Caelan are hiding under a blanket. Brenna is "finding" them and watching Blue.

So I have a few minutes. But whatever it was I planned to say has long since disappeared. I'm sure it would have been amusing. So now I'll just bore you and keep rambling along.

The sun has decided to shine today. I have to get Brenna outside to burn off some energy from being cooped up in the house for so long. We'll put up the outside Halloween decorations lateer and I'll have Brenna haul the pumpkins from the garage to the front stoop.

I need to cut the material for Caelan's bed skirt. Yes, it still isn't done. Her early arrival really threw off my schedule and I just can't seem to catch up. I keep telling myself that when she is sleeping through the night my days will be easier because I won't need to nap in the afternoon.

I say that... But I think I am deluding myself.

What else? Hmmm, I would like to work on my Ireland scrapbook. In another month it will be a year since we went. I should really have it done by that anniversary.

Speaking of anniversaries... Ours is Tuesday. Maybe I'll have time to post about it later. Now I should think about preparing breakfast. Pumpkin pancakes, eggs, bacon. Mmmmmm...

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