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First Night- First Week

>> Monday, October 09, 2006

Caelan slept in her crib in her bedroom for the first time last night. Mommy & Daddy had the best sleep since bringing her home.

Because of the c-section and the declaration from the doctor to not go up and down steps any more than necessary we had her in a bassinet our room for the past 2 weeks. And Caelan is not a quiet sleeper; she grunts. Alot. Loudly. The grunting worries me a little, actually. I wonder if her airway is wide enough- she has the tiniest little nostrils- a preemie nose sucker-thingie (an aspirator?) is too big. The doctor doesn't seem concerned so I suppose she is ok.

Today we embark on our first week completely on our own. We've had family either staying with us or checking in on us since we came home- and the help was greatly appreciated. It is much easier to get stuff done or run little errands when you have people around to watch the little ones.

Plans today? Dust and vacuum the main floor of the house, visit the chiropractor & the grocery store do one or two loads of laundry and bake pumpkin bread. (Note to Brent: no extra banana bread but I have a loaf of pumpkin with your name on it. Let me know.)

And I'll get started on that. Just as soon as I nurse Caelan, feed Brenna & myself some breakfast, get us all cleaned and dressed and wash some dishes.

Damn. And I was so hoping it would be an Oprah & bon-bon day. HA!

** UPDATE: I actually got it all done!

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