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Third Ring of Hell... Or Something Like It

>> Friday, December 08, 2006

I have been awake since about 4:30 surfing the net for anything that will help me to get Caelan to take a bottle.

You would assume that by now- 6am- I would have lots of info. Not so much. For some reason the wireless connection is spotty and keeps dropping every time I try to load a page. Every. Time.

So I have only a few bits of useful info. Well, info, anyway. Not sure how much is useful.

**Warm the nipple. OK, logical, we'll give that a go.
**Nipple X, Y, or Z works best. Ummm, got 'em all. I don't think it's the nipple; I think it's that it's not mommy's nipple.
**Hold baby in a different position. Again, logical, I'll try it.
**Don't wait until baby is hungry. Been there, done that.
**If baby refuses milk- and it's breast milk, not nasty formula, just so you know- try apple juice. Hmmm, ok. I'm willing to do about anything.
**One site even recommended a sippy cup.

So, "why the worry now?", you wonder. Well, here's the deal. We have been working to get Caelan to take a bottle for about two months now. Granted, we haven't been working at it all that hard because I am readily available and, honestly, it is just easier to nurse than to listen to her scream.

And for those of you ask such a silly question (and I can only assume that you are childless) let me just say that last night I was showering (with Brenna because A) she needed to bathe and B) showering doesn't happen alone if she can hear the water running) and left Caelan with Daddy. When we exited the shower I could hear the screaming. Clearly. She was two rooms away. When I finally got Brenna dried, lotioned and dressed for bed and got myself to her, Caelan was lobster-red, shaking and so thoroughly pissed off that she would stop nursing so she could vent her frustrations.

But back to the "why". Tomorrow is scrapping night- the one night a month that I get away and don't have to wipe messy hands and faces, change poopy diapers, deal with tragedies or any other kid-related stuff for about 7 hours. Plus I get to hang with other adults. You don't know how precious it is.

Doug found out yesterday that he will be on call this weekend. The last time that happened he put in almost 12 hours on Saturday and 9 on Sunday. Not that I am complaining- the money would be quite handy right now. But I am hesitant to inflict Caelan on anyone else.

My mom, bless her, has offered to sit with the girls. And maybe if I am not here Caelan will take a bottle. But I would like to try and make it easier on everyone.

Any suggestions?

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