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Just Another Day

>> Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ah, here we are again, in the basement watching Cars, Brenna cheering at "the big race" and Caelan asleep in her swing.

I was lucky enough to shower today while Brenna was in her room not napping. I changed out of a tank top and flannel pj bottoms into a clean tank top and linen pj bottoms. My daily uniform unless I have to appear in public.

I really don't have anything worth talking about. Well, other than getting the "guilt" Christmas card from the grandma mentioned in the post below. Ugh. I would really like to just let this go.

I've been taking lots of pictures of the girls lately. Brenna is doing some funny stuff and Caelan is growing like a weed. So I will bribe you with precious photos and you will leave me a nice comment. C'mon, we get about 70 different people through here daily. And I rarely get more than 3-4 comments. So let's just call it your Christmas present to me- leave a comment.

Here we see Brenna modeling the latest in winter wear. The Christmas Tree hat. Actually it's a crocheted decoration my grandmother gave me a few years ago. It has a cone shaped base, which Brenna removed.

Yep, I can just see it; she will be the one with the lampshade on her head at college parties. I should send her to TKW for hints on photo ops to avoid...
We are still having bottle issues. Meritt can back me up on that as she tried yesterday. Here we have Caelan content and making faces at mommy.
And here she is moments later after mommy attempted to give her a bottle. How dare I attempt such a heinous act!
Here is Brenna helping Daddy put up decorations. I had hoped to catch her unaware but she turned at the last minute, caught me in the act and said, "Cheese, mommy, cheese!"
Caelan has learned that pulling the fish makes the lights and music work on her swing.
We have upgraded to the exersaucer. Caelan needs a bit of propping but she seems to enjoy it.
OK, you're here at the bottom of the post. Leave me a nice comment. :)

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