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Not Diggin' This

>> Friday, December 29, 2006

New Blogger, that is. I switched over and to make changes on the page I had to also upgrade my template. Which is now completely f'ed up. All the nice headings Doug had disappeared. I was able to pull all my faves into a category- but now they don't open in a new window. And the widgets have me completely confused. How can I make changes to the damn linklist? I thought this was supposed to be easier. It's not.

I have to visit the recycling center today. I tried to return an Explorer full of cans and bottles on Wednesday but the parking lot was full of cars and trucks waiting their turn. Waiting was not an option with the girls.

Tomorrow is our final family gathering. I need to buy my dad a gift; probably one that he can share with his wife. I know my sister got him a restaurant gift certificate; I'll probably take the same route.

Tomorrow night I'll be helping with Baby Girl's Sweet 16 party. I know that it's tomorrow and I know where- kind of. I still haven't been informed of the time. In preparation for that, and since Caelan is still refusing a bottle I thought we would try baby cereal mixed with breast milk and served on a spoon. Strike two. Or strike 3 if you count that she refuses a pacifier- even if I put sugar on it. No foolin' her. I'm out. Game called for limited participation.


Jennifer 8:57 AM  

you can switch your template back. So you can edit it the way you like. After I did that it was easy!

Loved your Christmas photos. Such a beautiful family!

Happy Holidays!

Bubbi 10:37 AM  

Oh please tell me how to switch it back?
Jodi--I cant even make a link list!

Hope your holidays are good and Happy New Year!

Jody 12:01 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous 8:29 AM  

Thanks Jodi! Put mine back--did you?

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