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One Week Left

>> Monday, December 18, 2006

OK, all you procrastinators, you have one week to find the perfect gift. One week to live up to all the expectations your loved one has. Or, in my case, one week to make some sort of gift list. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Jody always says that they aren't gifty people." Well, we're not. But there are a couple of things under the tree for Doug from the girls and he wants me to have something to open. I suppose I should get on that...

As for my shopping... Other than a gift card to round out a present I am done. Unless you count the presents I need to buy for the girls from Doug's dad & his wife. They sent stockings and a check. My first reaction is to just put the money in the bank... Lord knows the girls don't need anything. But I am sure that is not what the grandparents had in mind... So I am going to use half the money for gifts and put the other half in their savings accounts.

Other stuff... Hmmm... Like Meritt I had a lot of baking planned. Unlike Meritt I haven't purchased all the supplies. Which is a very good thing as I have no time to bake. I'm just gonna go to her house and beg for cookies.

Wednesday the girls get to visit Santa. Ahhh, good times. I'm sure at least one local school will be out. Maybe I can see the mall police bust someone again.

Brenna will get to visit her favorite babysitter Thursday. Yep, she's off to see Nature Girl- Meritt's daughter- so I can finish that tiny bit of shopping I have left. Caelan, of course, will go with me as handing her over lately has caused her to display her prominent pout:

And she's still not taking a bottle. Luckily the mall I need to visit has nursing rooms.

Doug is brain dead right now. How do I know? He's watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. TiVo recorded it and I guess it is just mind-numbing enough for him. Tomorrow will be his 16th straight day of work. He put in 66 billable hours last week. At his hourly rate that's nothing to sneeze at but we miss him here at home. It's looking like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be his only days off until the 31st. I forsee a lot of vegging and movie watching.

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